What do we do?

Hopa Fit offers high-quality group fitness classes in rural areas. We license instructors from local communities to offer Hopa workouts following a unique system in their home area. We are developing a convenient booking platform that local people can use to attend and pay safely for their fitness classes. 

The Problem

Every day, millions of people living in rural areas are missing the opportunity to take part in high-quality group fitness classes in their home area. Sports clubs are far and the instructors are not ready to travel to the countryside to work out with them.


However, if fitness classes are taking place somewhere, the training classes are usually monotonous and participants lose motivation to work out quickly. There are also no nutrition, motivation system, and no unified training community. In addition, there is no booking system for classes and a convenient payment solution.

The Solution

We license instructors within local communities. After obtaining a license, the instructor has the right to instruct unique Hopa workouts in his/her home area. To make the workouts interesting, the instructor receives 2 new workout plans with music every week throughout the year. Participants collect points for taking part in workout classes, it creates excitement, helps to stay motivated longer, and creates a new training habit.


We are a beginner-friendly community for all levels and ages that welcomes and nourishes everybody through their practice. A tight community and a gamification-based nutrition program create a strong tribe and bring better results.


Instructors and trainees have a convenient platform to book a fitness class, and pay for the workout.

How does it work?

Hopa Fit instructors

We are licensing Hopa Fit instructors from the local community to give Hopa workout classes with a unique system. The licensing course consists of two parts, theory (online) and practice (live). At the end of the course, the instructor must pass the exam, and passing it successfully gives the right to start instructing Hopa workouts. Twice a week, the instructor will receive a completely new workout with music, exercises, and instructions. The instructor gets all the necessary marketing materials, a FB group to market their fitness class, and communicate with participants to build a strong community. We also help instructors organize various training events to increase community cohesion.


Hopa Fit workouts

Hopa Fit workouts are full-body interval trainings, which allows you to do an effective workout regardless of your fitness level. Trainees collect points for participating in workouts and can compete with each other. We have added different gamification elements in our programs.


Our workouts are designed so that instructors can give a new workout in every class without having to learn and prepare for hours. This is a turnkey solution where the instructor only has to go in front of the class and focus on coaching and motivating. Everything else has been done.


Hopa Fit platform

On the platform, it is possible to book for all Hopa Fit classes and pay for them (either in cash, by bank link, or by credit card). Participants only pay for training if they participate in it. There are no extra fees or binding contracts.


The Instructors can track who has registered in a class on the platform, cancel workouts, and track their earnings.


Hopa Fit platform is a win-win solution for all parties.


1) Instructors can offer fitness classes near their home, teach healthy lifestyles, and earn significantly more money than as a larger box club coach.

2) Participants in training are not bound by contracts, pay only for the class in which they participate. In addition, gamification and a strong community help them stay motivated longer, which helps you achieve better results.

3) There will be high-quality training opportunities in rural areas

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Taavi Sumberg

7 years experience in developing fitness applications in 15 languages. Built a total of 200 small fitness mobile apps and sold them bundled into portfolios. Co-owner of a fitness studio and co-founder of Hopa TV and Hopa Fit. Responsible for marketing and sales.



Katrin Saare

Personal, group fitness trainer for the past 7 years. PN Level 1 nutrition coach. Co-owner of a fitness studio. Author of all the Hopa TV and Hopa Fit workouts and healthy lifestyle programs. Author of Hopa Fit instructor course. Responsible for Hopa Fit content, courses, and business management.