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What do we do?

Hopa Fit is a platform for healthy lifestyle programs with a supportive community and trainers to help women who live in rural areas or are at home with small children to be active and stay motivated to work out. Our secret sauce is a unique gamified approach to workouts and nutrition programs to form consistent healthy lifestyle habits.

The Problem

In the fitness industry, the biggest problem is how to keep people motivated to work out. This problem is the greatest among people who live in a rural area and don't have sports facilities nearby or among women who stay at home with their babies and want to work out at home.


Research shows that 80% of people who start working out, fall off the wagon after 6 weeks. They know the importance of training but are struggling to create a consistent habit of exercising.

The Solution

We help to form healthy lifestyle habits with online and offline workout and nutrition programs, integrated gamification, and a supportive community. Combining social support and competitiveness is proven to increase the motivation to exercise by 90%.

In addition to online workout and nutrition programs, we license instructors to give Hopa group fitness classes in rural areas and provide them with a platform where their clients can book and pay for the fitness class. 


How does it work?

Hopa TV video streaming platform

Every two months, we start with a 9-week online healthy lifestyle program - Hopa Ninja. Participants work out 5 times per week, every day they have a new 30 min workout, one nutrition challenge, and one healthy habit challenge.

Participants collect points from completing the tasks and compete with each other. Gamified components and belonging to a supportive community help the user to stay motivated all throughout the 9 weeks and form consistent habits. Most of the participants continue the program after two months.



Hopa Fit booking platform for group fitness classes

We license instructors to give Hopa TV workouts in group fitness classes in rural areas. Everyone who wants to become a Hopa Fit licensed instructor has to pass our licensing course and exam. 

After passing the exam, instructors get access to our booking platform where they list time/date/location of their class. Every week the instructor gets 4 different workouts from us (workouts are the same as in the online program). 

People who want to participate in the instructor class can book it on the platform and also pay for the class on the platform. We take a 20% commission from every transaction. 

In addition, we offer an opportunity to take part in the Hopa Ninja program. Participants collect points from attending Hopa fitness class and from completing the nutrition and habit challenges. Online and offline Ninjas compete together and form a supportive community that motivates each other and values healthy habits.

The first licensing course is in the middle of September with 10 instructors. We start offering fitness classes on our platform in October.


Daily engagement in the Hopa Ninja program

Retention in the Hopa Ninja program

Hopa TV registred users vs Premium users

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Hopa TV results

Kristel Kuljus

"I have done all four rounds of Hopa TV Ninja program. The goal, to lose 13kg, seemed like science fiction at the beginning, isn't so anymore. I'm looking forward to the fifth program. Hopa TV has become part of my daily routine."

Maaris Kuuben

"Hopa Ninja program has changed my life. I know in theory how I should eat and that working out is good but it is hard to stay on track by myself. Hopa Ninja program has helped me to turn healthy eating and exercising into habits. I really love how I look now."

Marliis Lindoja

"I'm motivated by these Ninja programs and passionate about competing to get the maximum points, it keeps me training every day. In addition, I don't like to quit when I start something. Also, it's cool that my 4 and 2-year-old daughters are training with me."


Taavi Sumberg

7 years experience in developing fitness applications in 15 languages. Built a total of 200 small fitness mobile apps and sold them bundled into portfolios in the USA, Russia and Sweden.



Katrin Saare

Personal, group fitness, pilates and TRX trainer for the past 6 years. PN Level 1 nutrition coach. Co-owned and sold a fitness studio. Author of all the Hopa TV workouts and healthy lifestyle programs. Author of Hopa Fit licensing course.



Hopa Fit 
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